On 5th June 2009, Juan José Arenas was invested with the Laurea Honoris Causa in Architecture by the Architecture Faculty of the University of Palermo.

This fact began to take shape on the 10th July 2006, when Professor Pasquale Culotta proposed the Faculty to award the Laurea Honoris Causa to Professor Arenas.
It should be neted that the Laurea is awarded just once each five years.
Thus, a Comission presided by Professor Vincenzo Melluso was formed with Professors Andrea Sciascia and Marcello Arici. That Commission was in charge of compiling all the cultural and scientific production of Juan José Arenas de Pablo, submitting a report to Palermo's Faculty of Architecture Council on 2008 April 23rd, recommending the granting of the Laurea Honoris Causa in Architecture to Professor Arenas. 

In the Laurea ceremony, the Dean of Palermo's Faculty of Architecture, Angelo Milone said that the motivations that had led to grant the award to Juan José Arenas, was its important cultural, scientific, educational and professional legacy. In the Master Lecture Juan Jose Arenas presented the philosophy that has guided his career in the essay "The unavoidable Architecture of the engineer".